10 Grab-n-Go Breakfast Ideas


While we always hear about the importance of eating breakfast, many people just blow it off with a “Well, I’m not super hungry so I’ll just wait for lunch.”. Bad plan, Stan. You see, after a full nights sleep, your body has drained all of its fuel sources by fasting all night, so it’s important to refuel in the morning to give us the energy to power through our day. In fact, that’s where the name originated; you need to break the fast. Get it?

In addition to giving us energy, eating breakfast:

  • Improves cognitive function by restoring glucose levels
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • Improves memory
  • Promotes weight loss

However, despite all these benefits, 56% of Americans surveyed claim they do not eat breakfast regularly [1]. Why is that? Well let’s face it, we’re always on the go. Think of your typical morning … Your alarm goes off and you have 30 minutes to get out the door. Your choices are: sleep an extra 10 minutes or go dirty some dishes and make yourself a nutritious meal.  Most of us (myself included) opt for the few extra Zzz’s.

Because of this, my go-to morning meal tends to be something along the lines of hastily shoving a piece of fruit and a yogurt down my throat while frantically looking for my left shoe. Believe it or not, after your 5th banana and Chobani of the week, it gets old. So I complied a list of quick and easy breakfasts you can prepare ahead of time to make your mornings more delicious, while still being able to push the limits of your snooze button.

Overnight Oats:

These recipes are such an awesome solution for those who don’t have time to do any cooking in the morning but are looking for a healthy and filling way to start their day.  They’re just oats soaked in liquid (typically dairy, almond, or soy milk) overnight topped with your choice of fruit, seasonings, nuts, etc.

A healthy spin on the beloved chocolate turtle flavor. These oats are chocolatey, sweet, crunchy and filling. With only 300 calories, this isn’t a bad way to start your day.

What’s better than a jar of whole grains and protein to fuel your morning? A jar of whole grains and protein that taste like a delectable piece of carrot cake.

3. Strawberry Chia Overnight Oats
Chia seeds are a super food that have been a staple in Mayan and Aztec diets for centuries. They offer plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and blood sugar regulation. This recipe incorporates these amazing little seeds in such a delicious way.


Make-ahead Breakfast Parfaits:

These put a twist on your traditional fruit and yogurt combinations.  Make a few of these babies on a Sunday night and you’ll have ready-to-go breakfasts all week! Use any combination of fruit, yogurt and other yummy additions you would like.

4. Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Parfait Ideas


Breakfast Bars:

Put down your chocolate covered, Oreo filled, chewy bar. C’mon, you’re practically eating a candy bar for breakfast and you’re wondering why you start to crash around 10 am. Check out these recipes for homemade protein bars that are much healthier (and in my opinion much tastier) than store bought bars.

5. Healthy 5 Ingredient Granola Bars
Five ingredients, no baking, and no refined sugars? Sounds good to me.

6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Balls
Quick and easy to make chocolate protein balls. Keep these in your freezer and pull them out when you want. (If you’re not a chocolate peanut butter fan, there’s recipes for dozens of other delicious protein ball recipes such as pumpkin, cranberry pistachio, Almond Joy, and Nutella!)


Freezer Smoothie Packs:

The ones you find in the freezer aisle at your grocery store tend to be chock full of sugar, with limited ingredients and they’re oh so expensive. Here’s some recipes so you can make them at home with just some simple ingredients and freezer zip lock bags.

7. DIY Freezer Smoothie Packs


Prepare Eggs for the Week:

I know, I know, this doesn’t sound too appealing. But these recipes may make you take the chance and realize how convenient and yummy they are!

8. Easy Egg and Cheese Muffins
Cheesy egg muffins, need I say anymore? These mini frittatas are great for anyone on the go. Get creative and add different ingredients to make your own creations!

9. Egg, bacon and Jalapeno Frittata
Sometimes a little jalapeno in the morning is just what you need to kick into gear.

10. Making Hard Boiled Eggs .. In the Oven
Say goodbye to the tedious task of boiling, cooling, and timing. Make 24 hard boiled eggs at once.

So no more excuses for skipping the most important meal of the day. There’s no need to alert everyone around you that you haven’t eaten yet with the strange monstrous-like grumbling coming from the depths of your stomach. Check these recipes out and if you have any additional ideas you would like to share, please comment below!


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